2021 Baronial Polling

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* Polling Instructions 
Process Information * Transition Schedule

Candidate Pages:
Wolfrik & Evelyn
Kjell & Isabel

Polling is now Open!!
Polls close Saturday, August 14th.

Polling Instructions

The Crown of the Middle Kingdom wishes the widest possible counsel on matters relating to the Kingdom; thus, it is requested that all members respond to this baronial poll for the Barony of Donnershafen.

All baronial residents should please complete the poll located at this link: RESIDENT

A resident is defined as a person who lives within the geographic boundaries of the barony regardless of Society membership status. Please check with your Baronial Seneschal or on the Middle Kingdom website if you are unsure of your group's geographic area. 

Click Here for: Middle Kingdom Groups >> Find a group by Zip code.

Those who live outside of the Baronial borders are welcome to complete a "non-resident" poll at this Link:


While these poll are tallied separately, the Crown still values the opinions of all members of Their populace. 

Please note that your poll will be VERIFIED by your membership number, address, and name.

Only cast one poll.


Poll must be submitted no later than 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 14

Process Information

As announced during May's business meeting, we are beginning the Baronial polling process. This opens the time period for accepting letters of intent to run for Baron and Baroness. Any paid member is eligible to run.
Letters of intent will be accepted until July 10, 2021.
Submissions must include:

  • Letter

  • Photo of candidates (preferable together)

  • Photo release (see comments)

  • Copies of photo ID

  • Valid SCA Membership card

  • Contact information (address, phone number, email address)

Send information to Donnershafen's seneschal, Isobella Gray at isobellagrayofdonnershafen@gmail.com Please email me if you need to send letters through the USPS, wish to drop this off in person, or with any questions you may have.

Thank you, Isobella Gray 

Transition Schedule


Donnershafen Baronial Transition Timeline
from Kingdom Group Transitions Deputy

(*Note: Any changes in COVID-19 restrictions or measures
could impact the dates listed here)

The polling process is designed to take up to six months (or 26 weeks). This allows time for the preliminary work to be completed, the poll to take place, the results to be tabulated and sent to the Crown, the Crown to reach a decision, and (if necessary) an investiture to be planned.
Below is a general timeline of when events should take place.

Their Excellencies announced intention to step down/Baronial transition process begins

06/06 to 07/10
Baronial Seneschal accepts letters of intent (along with photos, release forms, and contact info for each)

07/11 to 07/24
Formal announcement of candidates

07/24 to 08/14
Polling of Barony

Fall – Crown decision
*Middle Kingdom policy is to leave 2 months for the Crown’s decision

Investiture in November, 2021

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See policies on these for more details.


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