Wulfrik & Evelyn.jpg

Lord Wolfrick of Donnershafen
The Honorable Lady Evelyn of Donnershafen

Letter of Intent

Fair greetings to the Populous of the Barony of Donnershafen and the Kingdom of Midrealm
from Lord Wolfrick Of Donnershafen and The Lady Evelyn. We would like to announce our
intention to run for the Baron and Baroness of Donnershafen.


We have been members of the Barony of Donnershafen for over eight years. Since our first
Vikings Come Home we have jumped into the SCA with both feet. We have been drawn in by
the friendship of those we had just met and continue to make new friends as we continue on this
amazing journey.


At our first Vikings Come Home I became The Baronial Archery Champion, then Deputy
Seneschal, a short time later I became the Baronial Seneschal and still remain at this position
today. Along this journey I have become a Lord, an Archery Marshal, a Youth Combat Marshal,
a heavy fighter and a siege engineer. I am the current Pentimere Thrown Weapons Champion,
Pentimere Regional Commander, and a member of Green Wood Company.


Lady Evelyn is our Youth Minister and has worked hard to bring new and different youth
activities to Vikings Come Home. Many of these ideas she has then brought into the modern
world and taught them in our after school program. She is the current Thrown Weapons
Champion of Donnershafen.


If we are selected to be the next Baron and Baroness we would like to continue what has been
accomplished so far. As a barony we are a strong close knit group of people that are able to
accomplish anything that we put our mind to. While our geographical area is large our active
populous is small.

If we are selected to be the next Baron and Baroness we would like to see
our barony grow. One of the ways we would like to accomplish this is through demonstrations
and becoming more visible to the modern community . We would like to set up demos at
different festivals and show all of the amazing skills our members have and how much fun it can
be to become part of the SCA.


Thank you for considering us for the position of Baron and Baroness.

Yours in service,

Lord Wolfrick of Donnershafen and Lady Evelyn of Donnershafen.